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In the west of Austria, making part both of the Land Vorarlberg and of Tyrol, you will find the skier's paradise, called after a mountain which does not exist: the Arlberg. Information: The region surrounding the villages of St.Anton, St.Christoph, Lech, Zuers and Stuben has got its name after an alpine plant - the Arl - which grew there luxuriantly in former times, but which now has become a rarity. The alpine pass of Arlberg, at about 1800 m above sea level, marks the watershed between the Danube and the Rhine and connects the regions Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The area of Arlberg has always been an important centre for alpine skiing. In 1901 the first ski-club of the Alps was founded here, since 1928 the famous race Arlberg-Kandahar takes place here and several legendary skiers are bound to this region: the names of Hannes Schneider and Karl Schranz are well-known not only to the experts of this sport. The Arlberg has been described as one of the most beautiful skiers' paradises of the Alps, thanks to the marvellous mountains surrounding this place, to the "snow guarantee" from November to April and to its wide offer of various downhill runs. Slopes, fun parks and trails for cross-country skiing Here tourists will find at their disposal 440 km of slopes and downhill runs for gliding down to the valley. In the ski schools about 500 expert instructors are awaiting beginners for teaching them the art of skiing. Given to the fact that on the Arlberg snow is particularly "dry", after the Christmas holidays the traditional "powder snow weeks" are proclaimed: a special fun for all those loving to "rise the powder" while skiing. One of the advantages of this region is the excellent connection of various slopes. For example Albona, next to Stuben in the Vorarlberg, is connected to the ski circus of St.Anton and St.Christoph in Tyrol...a ski traffic between regions, without any border. A new trendy sport today, above all with youngsters, is called Freeriding: skiing far away from the marked slopes. Recently there are lots of Freeriders coming to the Arlberg region dedicating themselves to their -sometimes also dangerous- fun. Terms as "boarderland", "carving area" and "speed-checks" perhaps do not mean anything to the common lovers of winter sports, but are rich of significance to those loving extreme sports. Also these trendy sports are part of the large offer of the Arlberg municipalities. For example the funpark of St.Anton offers a Halfpipe, 40 m long and 17 m large, as well as a Table Top, a Pro Jump and a Long Jump. The Funpark on mount Rendl awaits all snowboard fans with the downhill slope Riffl covering in 9 km of length a difference of 1350 m in altitude. Another big "boarderland" is situated on the Schlegelopf in Lech offering also: a Funpark, Boarder-Cross, Halfpipe and a Freeride area. This offer is completed by courses, shops and bars. A variety of cross-country skiing trails attract lovers of this sport; the highly recommended trail of Verwall is considered one of the best in Austria and takes you on its 10 km of length alternating gradients and slopes through the idyllic valley of Verwall. For all skaters there are many special skating slopes, the longest one will take you from St.Jakob to Schnann. Near to Pettneu there are, in all, three skating circuits. Pettneu in the valley Stanzertal and Kloesterle both offer about 40 km of cross-country skiing trails - a challenge for the fitness conditions of every cross-country skier. A slope for sledges, 4,3 km long, takes from Gampen to Nassrein covering a difference of 500 m in altitude. On Tuesday and Thursday evening a sleigh-ride is organized. You can enjoy night sleigh-rides on the 1,5 km downhill-run connecting Oberlech and Lech.

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